• is an online wine shop.
  • Sbagliato does not hold stocks of any products or have a retail outlet.
  • Sbagliato allows any fully licensed company to use our platform to sell products. Acceptance on to the platform remains at our discretion and can be withdrawn without notice.


  • All orders can be paid for online using major credit cards via PayPal. PayPal is a secure payment gateway and you are not required to have a PayPal account to make a payment.
  • Sadly we cannot currently accept Cash-On-Delivery.
  • If an item is listed as ‘Out Of Stock’, you may leave your email address to be alerted when the item becomes available again.
  • If an item is found to be out of stock after the order is placed, we will contact you to arrange for a suitable replacement.


  • Orders can be delivered the next day, excluding Sunday and Public Holiday.
  • Delivery is free for a box of  6 bottles.
  • Delivery for any order under 6 bottles has a $15 delivery charge.
  • Delivery is free for any purchase of over 6 bottles, of any value. However, if you purchase less than 3 bottles from one merchant, we need to charge a small fee to cover the costs of collection per merchant collection.
  • Payment is online only, as we currently have no Cash On Delivery service.
  • We use PayPal, but you do NOT need a PayPal account, they accept all major cards.
  • If you need to reach out to us, simply email



  • Refunds can only be issued in the case of a faulty wine and the wine itself will need to be returned and inspected. Sbagliato assures and mediates in these instances.
  • Refunds for wine which is proven to be found cheaper online in Singapore will be issued under the following terms:
    • The wine is like-for-like, i.e. exactly the same wine, including vintage, and at the same volume rate (i.e. single bottle price is different from a bulk purchase price of multiple bottles.)
    • The comparative wine is being sold online in Singapore only, and does not include pricing found offline or on websites in other countries.
    • The comparative wine price does not include any possible purchasing made online via Duty Free websites.
    • The comparative wine is not on a limited time special promotion.
  • A refund will be issued on the difference in value of wines bought in one single sale per customer, per wine. There is a capped pay out of double the difference on 3 bottles ONLY. i.e. if you buy 6 bottles of one wine and find a difference, we will refund double the difference on 3 bottles, not 6 or any amount over 3.